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 Mission Statement




I am mainly a musician and these days a key part of the job, whether you like it or not, is leveraging social media. I recognize that no matter how small of a spotlight you're in other people are paying attention and there is responsibility that comes with that especially as that spotlight grows. An ongoing mission of mine is to keep my social media presence to be as non-toxic for my audience as possible as I keep them up to date with my latest projects. To help with this I would also like to discuss the topic of social media and mental health around social media with my audience regularly. I would also like for my audience to know my general philosophy around my social media presence and posts to help my social media presence not be misinterpreted


Social media is relatively new and my generation was one of the first to grow up with it which has introduced a whole new social dynamic and health challenges that no other generation has faced. The world of social media can be extremely toxic and harmful to many but it can also be wonderful and great resource for connecting people with similar interests and talents. No one has social media completely figured out but it can be especially challenging for k-12 aged kids (and honestly everyone) to navigate the double-edged sword of social media and that's something that I'd like to try to help with. Talking about the falsities of the internet that people need to be aware of any time they go online, knowing what drives people to post different kinds of pictures/videos, learning that one person's beauty doesn't take away from anyone else's, etc.... 



This is an ongoing online project surrounding my online presence as a musician. I will try to lead by example as a creator and as a musician. I won't post things that I don't believe in, for example, images of myself or others where our bodies or faces have been photoshopped to appear to be shaped differently or use songs in my content that are popular but support an idea that I don't support. I will also throw in a good reality check post if that seems needed to help reinforce a community of people who appreciate seeing themselves reflected in realness on social media. These kinds of decisions are how I plan to make my social media presence one that helps reduce and not increase the toxicity of social platforms.


Video Examples

Mental health is another topic that I think is very important to discuss with my audience. This is an example of one way in which I will start conversations about mental health through musical performances. The Ocean is a song that I wrote about my struggle as an anxiety prone person.

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